20 Best ITI Courses after 12th in India

Written By Sushma Singh

Here in this article, find out which one among these best ITI courses after 12th in India will be the right pick for you.

20 Best ITI Courses after 12th in India

A lot of students experience crossroads for the first time as they pass their class 12 board exams. After passing 12th it is a very crucial time when students have to decide what to do next. Few people plan to become a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant, etc. but everyone doesn’t have to wish to opt for such a career as you might have varied interests.

You can also become a technician, mechanic, painter, musician, etc. In case you do not have an interest in pursuing higher studies than you have an option for doing ITI courses. There are a plethora of career options and choices for students after 12th, but ITI courses are one of the best amongst all.

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institutes; they are open under Craftsmen Training Scheme with the supervision of Directorate General of Employment & Training. They are training centers that offer courses to students who are looking for easy employment opportunities after completing school.

They provide post-school technical training which can land students in vocational training. They train students in performing a few tasks which would enable them to get a job as the course ends. You can opt for any course as per your interest; it can be either technical or non-technical.

Here is the list of 20 best ITI courses that one can pursue after completing class 12th

1) Architectural Draughtsman ship

In the profession, the person has to make technical drawings and dimensions based on the design of numerous architects made up of Architects. It is very similar to a professional course, in this the maximum work would involve drawing and engineering tasks. This profession would comprise of an interior designing, architectural technician and site supervising.

After doing this course you would become a junior assistant of chief architects, it would benefit you in the long run if you wish to start your career in the architectural profession. In fact, you can also opt for a B.Arch degree for becoming a full-time Architect. It is recommended that you opt for a 3-year course and get a diploma, as it has great job aspects.

2) Turner

If you have an interest in becoming a turner then it can be a trump card in your career and would help you in turning your dream into reality. After doing a course of turner you can be easily employed at big companies like GAIL, SAIL, etc. Being a turner your job is to turn woods on a lathe.

The course duration is of 2 years and you can apply it after completing the 10th, which means that it can easily be applied after completing 12th. You can get a good job with a decent salary after doing this course. The best part is that you get a job in big companies which can be fantastic for your career in the distant future.

3) Electrician

There is no need to explain the career aspects of an electrician. Being an electrician you would have to check the wiring of buildings, checking machines, and equipment, etc. Additionally, an electrician is also required for installing, maintaining or repairing electrical components. If you have no or very less interest in studies, then you can also opt for this course as if you have completed your 12th, you can easily apply for this course.

The good thing about it is that you can also get good jobs in the Electronics Department in both the government and private sectors. If you have good skills and are working well in this profile then you can earn a decent amount of salary every month.

4) Mechanic Computer Hardware

This course can vary from 2-3 years but it is imperative that you should have an interest in computer hardware and related stuff so that you can learn easily and be efficient in your job. Your responsibility as mechanic computer hardware would be to fix and repair computer hardware and things related to it.

You would have a lot of flexibility in the career choices after opting for this course, as almost every organization relies on computer technology and requires employees who could support their infrastructure. They are high in demand for both government and private companies.

Growth aspects are really good in this as the job opportunities in computer support are increasing and there is a prediction that by next year there would be a rise of 18% in this job. Thus, this can be a great option for you if you have some knowledge about computers and want to pursue it in the long run.

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5) Baker and Confectioner

Who does not love cookies, cakes, chocolates, and other such things? Here you do not have to think like a buyer but as a seller, if you have an interest and are good in it then this can be a relishing option for you. Being a baker you would have to make mouth-watering sweet desserts such as cakes, cookies, pastries, croissants, etc that everyone loves to eat.

ITI course is just for 1 year where they would train you on making all such items and the best part is that after completing this course you can either open your bakery or can also join somewhere and show your baking ad cooking skills.

There are various benefits of doing this course such as you get a great platform to show your skills, you can work as per your availability, earn a lot of money and enjoy mobility. So, if you have the baking skills in you then undoubtedly this course is perfect for you.

6) Network Technician

It is a great course to opt for after 12th as in this profession you would be engaged in all different kinds of businesses for creating and troubleshooting computer network issues like fixing router and switches problem, setting up a network and fixing other aspects related to Network Topology.

In fact, the salary too is great when it comes to becoming a network technician as they are high in demand as their role is considered to be one of the most valuable within the companies. The best thing about this course is that it is just for 6 months but if you want you can also opt for the diploma course for learning networking.

This job has great career prospects as being a network technician you would have access to all the new technology in the market, you would get opportunities for advancement, you will be in great demand as organizations continue to grow their computer network and you would be challenged with every new project.

7) Interior Decoration and Designing

This has emerged as one of the best career options for people who are creative and love designing. This profession is an art and science of improving the interior of a building, home or any space so that a pleasing environment can be created for the end-user. You can go for this course after 12th and is at least 1 year.

One important point to keep in mind while doing this course is that there are chances that you might be self-employed after doing this course. If you want you can also apply for a job in big companies as an assistant and set up your own form after having some experience.

The magnificent part of this profession is that you have to make no one else happy except your client, which adds a lot of satisfaction to be a designer. Plus the salary as well is really good and you can quote the price as per the project and client.

8) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

You would be glad to know that the duration of this course is just 1 year. In this course, you would be trained in computer hardware systems, computer architecture, codes and setting control. Thus, we can also say that it is a full-fledged computer professional course.

In today’s time, every organization works with the computer, so the demand for this course is increasing and there is a great scope for a good career in it. The major benefits of opting for this career after 12th are that getting a job is easy, it enhances the ability to easily grasp new changes in the dynamic IT field. In short, you can earn good money and get a job easily as soon as you complete the course.

9) ITI in Tool and Die Making

This is a very unique profession that very few people are aware of, in this, you have to work with computer-controlled machinery and mechanical equipment to shape, cut and finish instruments, tolls and other metal parts to precision level. The duration of this course varies from 1 year to 3 years, it solely depends on you which course you opt for.

In this course, you would learn about hot-working of metals, metalworking skills, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and much more. The benefits of pursuing this course are that you good a good salary, there are a lot of job advancement opportunities in it and also you get a great chance of work with your hands plus cutting-edge technology. In fact, there are a lot of institutes who pay you while learning on the job, so you can seek for such options too.

10) Mechanic Fitters

This course is usually for 2 years and it is a mandate for you to pass your 12th with science and math for becoming a mechanical fitter. They are the professionals who use a set of equipment and engineering methods to maintain and repair mechanical plants like machinery, fixing pumps, gearboxes, motors, etc.

Your job would be to identify the defect or worn mechanical component and then repair or replace it, fitting and assembling metal parts, dismantling faulty tools, checking accuracy and quality of finished parts or tools and much more. Thus, this profession has good career aspects as a lot of government and private companies are hiring mechanical fitters for their organizations. Perhaps, its demand is increasing due to which they pay in this profession is fairly good.

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11) Mechanic Motor Vehicle

As you have read in the above points that the demand for mechanic jobs is increasing, the same goes for motor mechanics too. Its demand is increasing because people are becoming slaves to machinery for their comfort and leisure.

There is a rise in the sales of two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the last couple of years, thus you can take its advantage and opt for a mechanic motor vehicle course. This job is best suited for low-skilled professionals as there is no such educational background required for starting this. If you want you can start your own business or you can also join a company.

The interesting thing about this profession is that it lets you learn about new technologies every day and there is career stability in this profession as companies always look out for skilled auto technicians. Plus the primary advantage is that you are doing what you love. Hence, if you have love in the auto industry then this is the best job for you after 12th.

12) Mechanic Diesel

Becoming a diesel mechanic can be a great path to a secure and well-paying profession. This is a very renowned course as 10 out of 6 students opt for this course because of the benefits and long-run career prospects. The best part about this course is that as soon as you complete the course you become eligible for numerous jobs offered by railway and other government organizations.

You can also enter this filed by diesel mechanic apprenticeship, as by this you would not only obtain a valuable experience but you also get an opportunity to make personal connections that would help you in your career throughout. Your job being a diesel mechanic would be to maintain diesel related equipment such as engines, generators, etc. This course is for 1 year and after that, you get a good job with an amazing salary.

13) Surveyor

You must be wondering who is a surveyor and what is his role? You must have seen a lot of times a person holding a camera and tripod, measuring the length and width of the road, he is a surveyor. His job is to make exact measurements and check property boundaries. They determine the three-dimensional position of a specific point and then check the distance and angles between them.

They also provide data and facts on location, elevation, shape, gravitation, dimensions of land and other such things for mining, construction, evaluation, mapmaking, etc. The course is for a year and it has a great scope in the upcoming years. After completing this course you can even get government jobs or any private job in any construction company.

14) Sheet Metal Worker

Does this profession sound new to you? Well, it is not. Sheet metal worker is a person who assembles, installs, fabricates and repairs sheet metal products like control boxes, ducts, furnace casing, etc. The other names of sheet metal workers are air duct mechanic, angle bender, ceiling installer; beam worker, air conditioning installer and many more names are there.

In short, their job is to repair all sorts of metal products. Many students get the opportunity to work in the construction industry or in other industries where they have a lot of usage of machines such as manufacturing units.

The major skills needed for becoming a sheet metal worker are physical strength, some computer knowledge, customer service skills, mechanical skills, and manual dexterity. If you have all this in you then without any doubt, opt for this course as you can earn a handsome amount of salary plus a great experience which would help you in your career.

15) Cutting and Sewing

Tailoring jobs have always been famous among females and this is tremendously increasing with years. You can opt for this course; it is just for 1 year, in this you would learn everything related to tailoring. The best thing is that you would have an option to start your own business and work as per your convenience.

If you want you can also work in any manufacturing unit of clothes or under a designer. The best thing about it is that you can earn a good salary in this profession and work as per your availability. Many females opt for this profession as they can do this sitting at home even after marriage, hence if you feel the same then opt for this option.

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16) Instrument mechanic

If you love working with technology then this can be the best profession for you. This course is just for 2 years, where you get both theory and practical classes. Once you complete the course you get a placement as an assistant mechanic, machine mechanic or as an instrument technician. The best part is that you can do this job after completing the 12th and can become a highly skilled technician.

In this profession, you would have to work with an array of devices to measure and control pressure, motion, level, flow, and chemical make-up. You would have to maintain process instruments such as valves, vibration monitors and other related stuff. In this, you can earn a fair amount of salary but this course is only recommended when you have good mechanical and instruments knowledge.

17) Stenography English

This is a very interesting course where you transcribe words into text. This course is for one year where they teach you how it is used in different fields such as in court, for law offices and government. They teach you shorthand correspondence, reports, etc. For becoming a stenographer, you should be precise, excellent in typing and detail-oriented person.

A lot of stenographers use a stenotype machine, which contains syllable notations rather than letters for increased speed. You would have to learn shorthand for stenography as it is a must; it is also beneficial for journalists too. You can earn a decent amount of money in this profession.

The best thing about this job is that you can also get government job or court reporting, where you have to record the statements. Accuracy plays a major role in this job as if anything is typed incorrectly then you can have negative consequences.

18) Health & Sanitary Inspector

As you all know how important is hygiene whether it is a personal level or at a communal level. It comes under the health section, thus if you opt for this course you would have to look after public health and hygiene. You can opt for the diploma course which is for 1 year and you can get various jobs in both the private and public sectors.

After completing this course you can get a job as a health assistant, medical assistant, field assistant and as a surveyor. In all these profiles your major role would be to take look after and maintain hygiene standards for organizations and other public places such as pools, restaurants and public parks.

It can be the best option for you if you wish to grow your career in hotel management or something related to hospitality, as this experience would count there and you may get a lot of benefits from it.

19) Electroplating

It is the method of plating one metal over another. Don’t worry you do not need any specific career or educational background for doing this course. The course is for 2 years where they teach you about coating gold, nickel, silver, and other such metals. Electroplating is done for several purposes, usually for decorative purposes and for imparting corrosion resistance.

This can be a good career aspect because most people want to make their ornaments or utensils shiner and remove corrosion and for that electroplating is required. You can open your own business and can earn a fair amount of money by becoming an electroplater.

20) Embroidery & Needleworker

It is an art which is created with different forms and many people learn it on their own. If you have interest and skills then you can opt for this course which is for 1 year. A person who is a needleworker can find employment in various manufacturing industries or the fashion industry. In fact, nowadays a lot of people make their own products and sell online.

Doing this course can be very beneficial as you might get work under big fashion designers as they seek for skilled workers who can create unique designs. In this course, they also provide you computer training where you can create computer-aided designs and transfer them to make mass-produced items.

There is a lot of value given to needleworkers these days and they are paid remarkably well. So, if you have this talent in you, then without a second thought you should pursue this as your career.

This was about the best courses that you can study after 12th, want to know the benefits of doing these ITI courses? Some of the major benefits are-

  • No need for studying a diploma degree of 3 years
  • Quick and easy employment
  • Early Job Settlement
  • Less investment
  • It can be pursued after the 12th.

Wrapping Up

These were the 20 best ITI courses that you can pursue for after 12th in India. All the courses are exceptionally good but it completely depends on your choice, skills, and interest what you opt for. All the courses are usually for 1 -2 years and give a good amount of salary. So be vigilant before selecting any course and think about a long term perspective while choosing any course. So, what are you opting for?

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