11 Best Computer Courses After 12th to Get a Job in 2022

Written By Sushma Singh

If you are looking for the best computer courses after 12th, then read our article to get full information about the courses and how to go for it.

Technology is ever-changing and updating every day, as there is a huge boom in the IT industry. This is the reason why a job as a technology professional is among the top list for the students today. It is one of the reasons why today in this article we will be sharing the best computer courses that students can opt for after completing their 12th.

Students must opt for the courses vigilantly, they should such courses that promise jobs as now the jobs are limited and the competition is increasing. There are a lot of people who remain unemployed even after completing their studies, thus looking at all these aspects, computer courses offer you a lot of opportunities to grow and earn money.

Thus, if you have completed your 12th with a computer or have an interest in learning computers and pursuing it as your career, then there are a plethora of options for you that can straightaway lead to a perfect job for you. As the computer courses take less time to complete, they are comparatively handy and guarantee easy jobs.

11 Best Computer Courses After 12th to Get a Job in 2022

Therefore, here is the list of best computer courses you can opt after 12th to get an excellent job in the year 2022:

1.Digital Marketing

It is one of the best courses to choose after 12th as it covers the giant area of technology. It can be pursued by any student who has either opted for science, computer, accounts, etc. Each one of you is eligible for this course. It is a vast and wide-field which covers a lot of growing sectors in the coming years such as SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content writing, lead generation, brand management and much more.

It has become one of the most growing careers as there are more than 10 lakh jobs available in this domain and its demand is increasing day by day. It is been predicted that in 2022 there would be more than a million jobs. It can also be useful for people who want to launch their own brand, run their own business by your blog or start their online business. After completing this course the various fields in which you can get a job as an SEO consultant, digital marketer, social media manager, digital marketing instructor, etc. Thus it is emerging as one of the best computer courses because it has a lot of growth prospects, high income, flexibility to work and easy to learn.

2.Web Designing and Development

This is another course that is trending this year and there are a lot of job opportunities for web designers and developers as everything in today’s time has become online. It is a great platform for people who wish to work independently, it comprises numerous learning coding languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript and many more.

The best thing about this course is that it just takes 3-6 months to complete the course and for the diploma course, it takes 1 year. It is recommended to opt for the 1-year diploma course as you would get a diploma certificate and there are a lot of things that would learn in the diploma as compared to the short courses.

In this, you would have to see everything about the creation and maintenance of websites, in today’s time even a small enterprise has its own website, which means that this course obviously has a boost. There are dozens of institutes that offer this course and the fee varies from institute to institute. You can work independently or join a company and become a graphic designer, UEX designer or a web designer.

3.MS Office Certification Program

This program has always been in high demand as almost every office and accounting related work is done on MS Office. PowerPoint, Excel, Word are always in high demand and the great thing is that they are very easy to learn and implement in practical work. It is one of the most used software on computers or in offices.

People use it the most as it is user-friendly and you just need to take a 3-6 months course and learn the advanced features of all these renowned applications. Every big industry such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, e-commerce, etc. Everywhere there is a huge requirement for people who are well versed with MS office. Thus, if you want to opt for an easy course with the assured job and good income then this can be the best option for you.

4.Data Entry Operator Course

This course is best for people who have excellent typing skills and also have some knowledge about general data entry. It is one of the basic courses that you can opt for after 12th in this course they teach you about entering data in a computerized database or spreadsheet.

It is not a high-profile course but it is recommended for people who are from accounts background as it is easier for them to learn and is not advised for people who do not look for advanced knowledge in computers. The duration of this course is usually around 6 months but it might vary as per the institute, your learning skills and the course you opt for.

5.Animation and VFX

It has become one of the favorite courses of students after 12th, this course just demands creativity and innovation. If you are a creative person and have a love for technology then undoubtedly this job is for you. Various topics covered under animation are visual effects, 3D technology, animation, etc. Initially when the course was introduced there were very few takers but now because of the increased usage of animation, it has become very renowned.

The duration of this course ranges from 6 months to 2 years, usually in India you get a diploma for this course. There are a lot of government and private institutions that offer diploma courses for animation and VFX. Also, after research, it was found that the Indian animation industry would grow by more than 10 % in the year 2022. It means that after doing this course you would have a lot of job opportunities and you can get a job in any media house, publishing house, advertising agency, as a trainer, VFX expert and in other such fields.

6.Software and Programming Language Course

For software development, you need to be well versed in some of the programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. as it is the base of the IT world. Because of the advancement of technology software, developers are high in demand, there are a lot of IT companies who particularly look for people who are experts in software development.

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In fact, after pursuing an advanced course, you can also create your own software or game. If you learn a programming language after 12th as there are a lot of opportunities in this filed you can become a software developer, programmer, etc. You can earn a decent amount of money after pursuing this course and can be great for your career as it has a lot of potentials to change your life if you pursue it dedicatedly.

7.Mobile Application Development

In recent times, there would be hardly any person who does not use mobile phones, thus with the increased usage its demand also increases. It is said to be one of the fastest-growing courses worldwide and particularly in India. In this course, students learn how to design and create useful and interesting mobile apps that are user-friendly. There is an app for everything be it shopping, cleaning, food, grocery, games, and almost everything.

This growing trend and usage have made this course in demand, being a mobile app developer you would have to build such apps which are impactful and drive more and more users so that it can increase the sales or usage. This course is usually for 6 months but it also depends on the institute and the course you opt for. This course is not too expensive but yes has great income potential. After completing the course you can become an app tester, mobile app creator, user-interface designer or entrepreneur.

8.Cyber Security Courses

As technology is increasing, the insecurity of the environment is also increasing with it simultaneously. There are plentiful of tasks that are done online such as paying bills, shopping, banking, recharge and a lot more is done as it makes things easier for people. The issue is that with all this, the threats and cyber crimes are also increasing.

The benefit of this course is that you can become a security specialist, cybercrime officer or an official hacker as they ensure the safety of people and businesses online. If you want you can also work independently and become a security auditor or an ethical hacker. In fact, there are a lot of companies that hire an ethical hacker to prevent any sort of fraud and preventing hackers to get any important information about the company.

9.Computer Hardware Repairing & Maintenance course

There are a lot of people who love working on hardware more than software if you as well are fond of working on hardware, then this course is for you. Just like there are a lot of issues in software the same goes for hardware and for solving those problems you would need a hardware engineer.

There are a lot of students who are aware of this course as there are a lot of advertisements related to this course on T.V and newspapers. You can opt for this course after completing your 12th, in this course, you would get sessions on hardware maintenance(CPU, mouse, printer, etc) and computer hardware. You can also opt for this course as it promises a job guarantee and a great income. Additionally, if you think you have great entrepreneur skills in you then you can also start a business too.

10.Graphic Designing

This is one platform where you can show your creativity to the fullest. This is one stream which is needed in almost every field nowadays and the best thing is that after completing this course you have numerous career options such as you can become a creative director, graphic designer, printing specialist, etc.

Graphic designing is being used in almost all the fields lately, thus if you have creativity and innovation in you with some knowledge then opt for this course as it would help your career grow immensely.

10.CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drafting)

Many students with technical background must have heard about this course. Students who have some bent towards technical things and they want to grow in this filed then they can opt for CADD. In this course, they teach techniques that are majorly used in engineering or architecture domains.

Thus if you opt for this course you would also get training related to planning and designing software like InfraWorks, etc. There is a lot of scope of development and growth if you opt for this course. So, if you think you are inclined towards technical things and want to opt for engineering, etc, then this is the best course for you.


You must have heard about this accounting software as it is very popular because it is used by many big companies. If you opt for the tally course you would learn how to use this software efficiently. You would be amazed to know that tally is trusted and used by many government and big companies to save their data and also for transferring financial statements. This means that learning tally can get you a great job and a handsome amount of income.

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One important thing about learning tally is that it gets updated after certain years, so you would have to master the updated version whenever it gets launched. Perhaps, it is not very often but the good thing is you get the job easily and get paid well.

Wrapping Up

After reading the article “Best Computer Courses After 12th” you must have made your mind which course you want to do. You can do any course be it short term or a diploma course, ensure that you do it from an approved and recognized institute. If you do the course online then read the reviews and comments thoroughly before applying and paying the fee. On the other hand, if you choose for any other institute then be sure about its fee, subject covered, certification, faculty, placement record, etc. Thus, be sure of all the factors and then choose the institute and course.

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