American Express Platinum Card Review 2022

Written By Sushma Singh

American Express Platinum Card: A super-premium card for people with super-premium choices.

American Express works in the field of finance, insurance, and travel. And along with all these services, it has become one of the best premium credit card service providers in the world. From shopping to travel insurance, this card is for everything you can name.

American Express Platinum Card Review 2022

This metal-made super premium credit card is a charge card, so there is no preset limit. The Application/ annual fee for this card Rs 60,000 + applicable tax.

Current Offers

As a welcome bonus, you will be rewarded with 1,00,000 MR(membership reward) points or Rs 40,000 Taj Hotels Palaces/Resorts vouchers.


Features of American Express Platinum Card :
  • 1 MR for every Rs 40 you spend except on fuel, utilities(electricity and other bills), insurances, and cash transactions.
  • 1 MR point has an equivalent value of 50 paise to 1 Rs.
  • The rate is 1.25%-2.5%.
  • 3X points on international purchases, but with 3.5% + GST markup fees.
  • All benefits are available to not only the main card but also to all supplementary cardmembers. Supplementary cards can be extended to members outside your family.

Other benefits

Other than joining benefits, many more benefits are offered:

Lounge Benefits: Access to over 1200+ national and international airport lounges. The best part is, all benefits are not only available to primary cardholders but also to the secondary cardholders. Stays in most premium properties of the world, make it a favorite among travelers and for people frequently traveling on business trips.

  1. Amex lounges: Unlimited access for all the members, available in all the prominent cities like Mumbai and New York.
  2. Centurion lounges: Access to this premium lounge makes the card more exciting.
  3. Delta lounge: This comes very handy if you are traveling with Delta Airlines, especially in the United States of America.
  4. Marriott Bonvoy: With Gold Elite status, you’ll get special treatment, including the complimentary breakfast. Also, on 10 stays per year, you can easily get 5 successful upgrades worth Rs 20,000.
  5. Hilton Honour: With Gold Elite status, along with complimentary breakfast, on 5 stays per year, you’ll get the benefits of worth Rs 10,000.
  6. Shangri-La Golden Circle: With Jade’s level of status, you can easily avail the benefits worth Rs 20,000 on 10 stays per year.
  7. Taj Inner Circle Gold: This one is a deal to grab, with complimentary breakfast you can do early check-ins and late checkouts. Up to 20 room upgrades and more. Benefits of worth Rs 20,000 on 10 stays per year.
  8. Radisson: With Gold Elite membership status, you’ll get the exclusive services provided by the hotels.
  9. Priority Pass Lounges: You get access to 1200+ premium properties access in the world. But the setback is that only one supplementary cardholder can enroll in this service.

Dinning Benefits: Get exclusive discounts in premium places like EasyDinner Prime and Taj Epicure. Book a venue for any occasion by just a call or any dinner reservation for the date night in one of the finest places and at amazingly discounted rates.

Golf Benefits: With 32 golf courses just in India and 50+ across the globe. You can also get complimentary golf lessons from professionals exclusively for members only.

Concierge: This is one of the best services provided by American Express. From planning a surprise party to organizing any party to any emergency, they have got you covered for everything. They provide:

  • Dining benefits: Ranging from booking a venue for a party or any reservation for that dinner date, you can easily rely on the assistance.
  • Booking benefits: Up to 25% discounts on business class revenue rates booking in airline tickets. Book a cab in one call to save your time and for a hassle-free traveling with family or for that important business trip.
  • International booking benefits: If you are traveling with Delta Airlines, you can get more benefits with it. And not only this, you’ll get a complimentary business class or first-class upgrade on Etihad Airlines. And also complimentary Taj vouchers on international travel bookings.
  • Travel services: Being a travel service provider, this section comes with one of the best and premium services provided by American Express. It includes flight bookings, hotel bookings, cab bookings, restaurant reservations, and many more.
  • Card assistance: 24×7 on-call assistance.
  • Travel Emergency Assistance: Travel insurance, travel inconvenience policies, lost luggage, and overseas medical insurance, to name a few assistance offered.
  • Home assistance: If you are in a foreign country and want something urgent, they’ll make sure you get what you need.
  • Global assistance: If you need help, you’ll get it, irrespective of the country you are in. From emergency medical service to doorstep delivery, the assistance comes very handily.

American Express Invites: This is a very exclusive sale of tickets by American Express, even before they are available for the general public. This service not only provides you early access to tickets, but you’ll also get access to the ‘invites only’ events. This is exciting for all those people looking forward to the next classical event happening in the world. This is for all the artistic, musical, and cultural enthusiasts.

Add On Card Service: You can take the facility of 4 supplementary cards and one business expense card, and it is not just limited to your family members, but can be extended to your close friends or associates also. And the best part is that all the reward points of supplementary cardmembers can be transferred to the primary cardholder.

Additional Benefits:

  • The only card in India with Mariott as a transfer partner with a ratio of 1:1.
  • You get exclusive discounts and rates from airlines like Air India and Etihad. Upgradation to the business class, however, it is subjected to availability.
  • Exclusive services like early check-ins, late checkouts, and room upgrades( all services subjected to availability). For sure complimentary breakfast for two. And at specific hotels, you can get $100 F&B credit and $100 spa credit, and even complementary 3rd and 4th-night stay.
  • With 10,000 points, you can have 13 night stays in Marriott.
  • Zero lost card liability: This is one of the best facilities by American Express and makes it a favorite for using it in a foreign country.

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FAQs (Frequently asked questions):


Applications are only accepted online. Before applying, the person is advised to check the eligibility criteria and his/her credit score prior to the application on the bank’s websites for the same.

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Your age must be over 18, have a good credit score, must be either salaried or self-employed, permanent residence in India, and must fall into the required income slab.


Yes, you can. You just have to call the number on the backside of the card, and you can also transfer your membership points if you want.


You can call the customer care and convert your rewards point. Over 500+ redemption options are available for shopping, hotels, airlines, etc. Points earned by supplementary cards can also be transferred to your credit card. You can use your membership rewards points for flight bookings.


No, but the Amex has a presence in almost all prominent countries like France. But it is advised to check the country before traveling.


It is a charge card, so there is no limit to it. It is one of the best features, as most premium cards come with minimum and maximum limits, and if one wants to increase the limit, they either have to apply for a new one, or they’ll have to call and wait. So you’re saved from much hassles here and can shop carefreely.

So now the question arises, is it worth the money and who can apply for it?

First, let’s see who can apply for this super-premium card?

  • This is available for both salaried and self-employed people.
  • You should earn 25 LPA or more.
  • You should earn 15 LPA or more if you are self-employed.
  • Any person above 18 years.
  • A person with a good credit score. (750 or above)
  • Permanent residency in India.

Even though annual fees seems expensive, but it’s totally worth the money. It provides you with a balance between earning rewards and travel perks. And fees seem to work fine for things like $100 airline fee credit in your wallet while traveling. It comes with various benefits and services that will save you from a lot of travel expenses, and you can focus on that important event of your life without any worries.

Apply Now

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