5 Outrageous Lawsuits That Actually Paid Off

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There is no one who doesn’t love an evocative narrative that recalls them about how absurd people can really be. Maybe it, after all, makes us know that we are not doing that bad.

At times when people whom we regard as ridiculously out of contact can actually gain from their insanity, it is enticing to make coffee spilled on ourselves or at the airport, getting tripped over our bag, only to make an appalling claim purportedly worth a million.

It is alright to look crazy if it recompense! Right? Anyway, we are usually upright, and clean-living people and filing over a lawsuit is a worse fate or ill-fortune. But this doesn’t imply that we should not get fascinated by people who do such.

5 Outrageous Lawsuits That Actually Paid Off

Here is a series of brief narratives of five people who simply stepped up towards an entirely new level and even somehow managed to convince the jury to have skin in the game:

1. In 1997, Milo Stevens Jr. was not feeling smashing and thereupon jumped in front of running train as an attempt to put an end to everything. Still, much to his distress, Milo just got hit by the train and failed to reach its main goal. Maybe he felt sheepish (he made another attempt of failure in 1982), or maybe because of the hospital bills and boundless pain, Milo was inspired to file a suit against the New York Transit Authority for not decelerating the train on time to avert his intense injuries, that were self-imposed by him by jumping in front of a running train. He was rewarded with $650,000 for the trauma actually intended by his experience.

2. In January 2002, Kathleen Robertson was shopping at a furniture store, and she lost her balance due to tripping over a child who was running throughout the store without any control. Kathleen had her ankle broken in the incident, and therefore received indemnification of $780,000. I hope she had thanked his son afterward for causing the whole scene (yes, his son was the out of control child in the store).

3. In November 2000, Mr. Grazinski was driving his brand new Winnebago, amid which he decided to have some coffee, that he was having with him. Instead of steering towards a nearby Starbuck, or at least getting the car on sideway from the highway, he used the convenient cruise control feature at 70mph and bent towards back seat to pour a cup four himself. The indispensable deviation and crashing took place, and despite being chastised for reckless driving, he filed a suit and was awarded $1,750,000 and a new Winnebago to damage somewhere else. After this freakish experience, Winnebago brand formally modified its handbook to include that not to leave the vehicle unattended to drive itself on the cruise control.

4. In 2005, Wanita “Rena” Young, A middle-aged resident of Durango Co., was at home one night minding her own business, out of a sudden two neighbor kids came on her porch and scared the living daylights out of her, and so she claimed. The two neighbors who came over to their actually had decided that instead of attending a school dance, they would bake cookies as a gesture of kindness for Mrs. Young. As a roughie, she sued them and gained $900, but extirpated respect from the whole nation.

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5. In 2012, A Chinese national, Jian Feng, had a baby. Jian was shocked and distressed about how his baby could be so ugly when he has such a beautiful wife. He interrogated his wife that what happened, and she confessed the reality that she had an exhaustive plastic surgery before their meeting. To Jian, this was unacceptable, so he divorced his wife and sued her for marrying him with a falsified act, and won the case and a reward of $12000. Sometimes, babies are just ugly. I hope you will be putting some of the money towards the self-esteem therapy of the kid in the coming years.

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