15 Fintech Companies With Great Products

Written By Sushma Singh

This article does not need an introduction as the title says it all. Do let us know what you think about these startups and their products in the comments section at the end of the article.

15 Fintech Companies With Great Products

Birdee – birdie.co

An automated financial advice bot, the digital investment solution offered by Birdee can be used by anyone to make investments. Even if you are not aware of the financial markets, you can use the app to make investments. All the mobile app needs to know is how much risk you are willing to take and what rate of return you expect from your investments. Based on these parameters Birdee will invest in mutual funds or other fixed return instruments.

Biz2Credit – www.biz2credit.com

This company is headed by Rohit Arora and is in the business of making loans to SMEs in the United States. Those interested in applying for a loan need to fill in an online application after which it is forwarded to multiple lenders who will all simultaneously evaluate it. This online loan platform eliminates the need for visiting different banks and filling out multiple application forms. Some of the lending companies disbursing loans on this platform are EquifaxPaychexTD Bank and Tradeshift.

Bux – getbux.com

BUX simplifies online trading for newbies. You can practice trades on their app before executing them across real markets. The mobile app is useful to learn to trade and you can connect with peers to learn new strategies. You can use BUX to trade currency derivatives and contracts for differences (CFD’s). The high leverage provided by the app means you can also place large bets with the least amount of capital. Bux is targeting its app for the millennial generation that seems to have taken a fancy for bitcoin trading. BUX also has a very useful section explaining the nuances of trading markets, do check it out.

Cash Sentinel – www.cashsentinel.com

This company helps you make high-value purchases of goods and services through an escrow service. There is always a risk of not getting the goods as promised in the case of a car or a house. There is also a time lag between payment and possession. With Cash-sentinel you can transfer the payment amount to a third party account where it is held until you are satisfied with what was promised and delivered. Then the amount can be released to the seller. The mobile app also has a built-in dispute resolution feature which can be used to iron out the difference with arbitration with intervention from a neutral observer.

Cloud Lending Solutions – www.cloudlendinginc.com

The firm digitizes origination, underwriting, servicing and collection through a unique system of records for your lending business. The solution is currently being used by banks, finance companies, online lenders and P2P lending marketplaces. Some of its products are

  • Configurable borrower portal for consumer and small business loans.
  • Next Generation Platform for Loan Origination and Underwriting.
  • Complete Loan Portfolio Management For Financial Services.
  • Cloud-Enabled Lease Servicing For Equipment Lessors.
  • Cloud Configured Collection Application For Financial Institutions.
  • Digital Platform For Marketplace Lenders.

Club funding – www.clubfunding.fr

Is a group investment platform that offers investors the opportunity to be part of large investment projects in real estate. You also have the option to lend to small businesses in France. The website has more than one thousand active members who are earning an average rate of 9.8%(annualized) on their investments. This startup has raised funds of close to US$ 5 million and soon plans to expand to other countries in the European Economic Area.

Commeon – www.commeon.com/en

Is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits in France. It encourages philanthropy online by creating elaborate campaigns around your social cause. It is supported by AXA and BPI France. It provides a philanthropic wallet to all users who sign up on their website which can then be used to create budgets for non-profits and support organizations. You can make or receive funds with just a single click through its a mobile app.

Fundvisory – www.fundvisory.fr

Is a startup that works in the Robo-advisory area. Founded in 2015 by people from diverse backgrounds, the firm provides automated and white-labeled Robo-advisory toolboxes to help financial institutions industrialize. Their tech is quite agile and opens making it easy to integrate with other systems. It counts some of France’s largest financial companies such as Aviva, Allianz, BPI France, Generali and ETFmatic as its clients.

15 Fintech Companies With Great Products

Fraugster – fraugster.com

A digital payments security startup, Fraugster aims to minimize fraud among e-commerce companies. They have a suite of AI-based machine learning tech that is scalable to prevent fraud even before it occurs. The company has tied up with VISA and manages USD 15 billion worth transactions for its clients. Some notable customers include WirecardIngenicoCredorax and Currencies Direct. Some of its customers claim that Fraugster has been able to reduce the level of fraud in payment transactions by up to 80% with some clients while at the same time increasing conversion rates by 35%.

Fractal Labs – www.fractal-labs.com

An automated financial assistant for SMEs, the startup automates analysis, insights and communication among different businesses and their vendors. It is estimated that nearly 72% of SMEs in the United Kingdom do not have a financially literate person as a part of the management team making them lose close to US$ 3 billion every year because of bad financial decisions. Fractal Labs can read and transfers financial data using machine intelligence which provides timely insights for business owners across sectors.

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Currencycloud – www.currencycloud.com

Their payment engine is driving countless businesses across the UK and Europe. This startup is trying to re-imagine the way money is transferred through the global economy. Launched in 2012, this global payments network supports over 30 currencies in 212 countries. It is able to secure and automate any payment transaction from end to end. The best part of currency cloud services is that it offers wholesale exchange rates that are not dependent on the transaction size.

Finexkap – www.finexkap.com

This company provides web-based invoice financing options for small and medium-sized businesses. Since it’s launch in 2015, more than 10,000 companies have signed up to use the platform in France. The company was the winner of The Next Web’s fastest-growing startup in the 2015 award. Going forward it hopes to offer more services to its registered clients such as debt financing. The company has raised almost USD 15 million since it was founded in July 2012.

Curve – www.imaginecurve.com

This startup helps you connect all your existing debit and credit cards to a single card. Then with just a single pin, you can use the card anywhere all over the world. Curve saves you the hassle of carrying multiple cards and shields you from different security risks. The company’s card comes built-in with an expense calculator that labels your purchases automatically. Check out their offerings below. The company has managed to attract funding of close to US$ 12 million to date.

Darwinex – www.darwinex.com

This company provides access to global markets with the best possible rates. You can also copy trades executed by other successful traders on its platforms. Built for traders and investors the company has since 2012 has been re-imaging this platform with the stated goal of connecting trading talent with big money bags. The company is headquartered in London and currently boasts clients in more than a hundred companies. The company has raised about € 3.5 million since it’s founding.

15 Fintech Companies With Great Products

Dejamobile – dejamobile.com

This company provides white label solutions for financial service providers to accept secure mobile payments. The companies products are being used across platforms in ticketing, access control and loyalty programs. Winner of several Fin-tech awards, DejaMobile uses contactless tech like NFC and Bluetooth to offer a range of services. The company has received US$ 2.5 million in funding.

ePaisa – www.epaisa.com

This company helps small businesses begin operations with a comprehensive suite of apps. With a single app, you can provide a point of sale (POS), manage inventory, accept payments and monitor customers. The company also provides a host of value-added services and is currently focused on the south Asian markets. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the company has been able to raise close to US$ 2.4 million to date.

eToro – www.etoro.com

Branding itself as the world’s largest social trading network, eToro allows anyone from anywhere in the world trade and invest in Stocks, Currencies, Crypto-currencies, Indices and Commodities (CFD’s). On this platform, you can mirror traders trades to minimize risk and latch on to successful strategies. The company claims to have close to 6 million registered traders. This Israel based startup has to date raised close to US$ 72 million (Rs 500 Crore).

Eurobits – www.eurobits.es

This startup has been designing digital products for business for more than a decade. Only recently however it has started offering electronic billing and monitoring software for financial companies. The solutions provided by Euro-bits are being used by some of Europe’s biggest companies like Santander BankBBVAFintonicFinancial codex.

Expensya – www.expensya.com

This expense management app is efficient and easy to operate. With simple data export and integration with your company’s accounting software, it is now all easier to monitor the expenses of your team members. Expensya also has a fast scan feature which can be used to extract data using OCR software. This startup counts Microsoft, Orange, Alliance and bpi France among its clients. Try it today.

FAMOCO – www.famoco.com

A complete solution for Android-based devices, FAMOCO has close to 100,000 devices deployed across 30 countries for hundreds of companies. Its products are being used to track attendance, monitor field staff and group communication. The company has to date raised close to US$ 27 million and is all set to expand its operations across the globe.

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