Yesterday Anant Ambani appeared for the IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants. Even before the match started, all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Anant Ambani had lost 108 Kilos! The latest pictures of Anant Ambani taken before the match show him as a thin young lad. Not only does he look slimmer but he also looks much younger, like a teen heartthrob one would find among India’s boy bands. His drastic fat reduction has raised several questions in the minds of ordinary citizens.

  • Did he opt for Liposuction Surgery or Gastric Bypass?
  • What was the special diet he followed?
  • Did Baba Ramdev’s Yoga work a miracle on the young Ambani?

The Reason For Anant Ambani’s Weight Gain

As we have reported earlier, Anant Ambani was morbidly obese because of a medical condition caused by excessive consumption of steroidal medications. As he consumed medicines to keep his asthma under control, he developed a voracious appetite and could not control his eating habits.


How Did He Shed the Kilos?

According to various media reports, he did it with a natural sugar-free diet and lots of exercise under the supervision of an expert trainer from the United States. He first began by walking 21 km every day in Reliance’s Jamnagar refinery which has mango orchards planted all around it. The walk was followed by short periods of High-Intensity Cardio Workouts and concluded with Yoga. This was combined with a strict diet of sugar-free, low carbs meals. This regimen was followed for more than 500 days to achieve these results.

Initially, he could not lose much weight but after 100 days his body kicked into action and began burning the fat accumulated over decades of overeating. Anant Ambani is a very religious and pious person who is known to constantly tour temples, his favorite ones are the one in Tirupati followed by the Somnath Temple. Because of his faith in God, he was able to muster a tremendous amount of will power to stick to his punishing exercise regime and diet.

The results are now visible to the entire world to see which is astounded by his transformation.


Some readers have mentioned that Anant Ambani might have gone under the knife for liposuction which involves the removal of fat layers from under your skin through surgery. Some have speculated that he might have opted for Gastric Bypass in which your stomach is stapled to make it smaller. As of now, there is no news report that mentions him resorting to surgery for weight loss. In all the interviews that have appeared, he has insisted that he lost weight naturally.

Anant Ambani’s Secret Trick

If you observe the latest images carefully you will notice that Anant Ambani is wearing a body shaper. Body shapers are tight pieces of clothing that make you look slim by spreading your accumulated body fat evenly all around your body. When you gain weight, your body’s skin expands to store the fat underneath your skin. When you lose weight the skin has the ability to contract but in the case of morbidly obese persons, it is very difficult as the skin would have stretched beyond its natural limits.

So if Anant has lost more than 100 kgs of weight his skin would now be saggy and wrinkled all over his body. The only permanent solution to this problem is plastic surgery or he has to wear a body-shaper for the rest of his life. It looks like he is wearing a body shaper for now keeping his loose skin tightly packed. That is why you can observe that his shirt collar buttons are all closed in the above photos. In fact, I think he is wearing a full-body shaper covering him from neck to heel.

What do you readers think about Anant Ambani wearing a Body Shaper? Do let us know in the comments below.

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